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“Together, We Make Better Cars”
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       FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch settles in Nanhai with the hope of German staff for Sino-German cooperation and win-win prospect

        Core Tips: “Manufacturing cars precisely and meticulously just like making handicrafts.” Two years ago, the two German, Andreas Dick and Michael Hobusch, came to Nanhai District of Foshan from afar and devoted themselves to the building of FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch. They practice the spirit of Made in Germany, namely perseverance, dedication and excellence, and they integrate themselves into “Nanhai Family” to reinvigorate the automotive industry here.

        “From - 30℃ to +30℃”

        Dick graduated from Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) with a master degree in economic engineering in 1998. Majoring in machine manufacturing, he was lucky to receive an offer to work in the headquarters of Volkswagen Group located in Wolfsburg, Germany. He was sent to Mexico in 2005. And in 2008 he came to China and worked in FAW-Volkswagen Changchun headquarters for 3 years from then on.

        In 2011, Dick received a new appointment - German general manager of the newly established FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch, because of his excellent performance. “So, I ‘settle down’ in Nanhai.” When asked to use one word to describe the change in Nanhai during the past two years, the smiling German became serious suddenly, adjusting his glasses, thinking for a few seconds, and then slowly spat out a word “surprising”.

        “I stayed at the InterContinental Hotel during my first visit to Nanhai two years ago. When I looked out the window to see what were the differences between south and north China at night, what I saw was nothing but dark. To be honest, I was really disappointed at that time. But just two years later, there bristles with skyscrapers and neon lights, looking like an international metropolis. ” Dick said, the speed of development of Nanhai is really surprising.

        For the differences between south and north in China, Michael has a more intuitive feeling. As a senior project manager of Foshan branch of Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., he needs to frequently travel between Changchun and Nanhai. Accustomed to the German smooth mild climate, he admitted that a lot of air travel in China could be bad, “from minus 30 degrees to plus 30 degrees, it is really not a small leap”.

        “Bring German experience to Nanhai”

        “According to the plan, the first-stage project of FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch will go into operation in September. It is now at the intense preparatory stage. When everything is on track, the number of employees will reach 6,000 and the production capacity will be 1,200 cars per day including three types of car, namely Golf A7, Audi A3 hatchback and sedan.” Speaking of the company’s development plan, Dick has his words at hand and is particularly familiar with.

        In fact, as the “commander” of the company with thousands of employees, Dick’s work is not easy. His working time reaches up to 11 hours on each workday, “from 8:00 to 19:00 for each Monday to Friday.”

        Although hard, Dick, optimistic by nature, can always find fun from work. For example, automobile road test, originally boring and uninteresting, is considered by him as a special travel. “Each test should be continued for three to four hours. It not only needs to try different speeds, but also different road conditions.” Dick smiled and explained, “So I take the opportunity to have a look at Nanhai and the surrounding regions. It is like a jaunt for me.” Moreover, as a lover of Chinese tea, a purple clay teacup is always in his hands. “When tired, I drink some tea and feel refreshed instantly.”

        Michael is responsible for the planning control across the whole FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch. He controls project operation from a technical framework level to ensure the cars rolled off the production line at Foshan factory have the same quality as those made in Germany. “I often communicate with Chinese engineers who are young, energetic and positive. I am very happy to work with them.” Michael said, China started relatively late on auto industry, so he hoped to bring German automobile making experience to Nanhai. “In this thriving family, we work together to make better cars.”

        “Cantonese dishes, perfect in color, aroma and taste, are the favorite”

        Perhaps it is because that both Dick and Michael are German, they have similar taste. When speaking of Chinese food culture, both of them simultaneously showed that Cantonese dishes, perfect in color, aroma and taste, are their favorite.

        “Compared with Changchun, Nanhai is richer in food variety and the foods here are also fresher. Moreover, the dishes here have a delicate look and taste with the highlight in the umami of the food itself. It is really a delicacy.” Dick, looking like a gourmet, drank tea while commenting on the food and drink style of Nanhai. Michael, sitting next to Dick, also nodded his head frequently to show his approval of Dick’s opinion. He also added that, “German traditional foods seldom adopt the cooking methods such as frying, while Chinese chefs are Jack of all trades, being proficient at frying, stir-frying and steaming. Take my favorite shrimp dumpling for example, it not only has a crystal look, but also a delicious and fresh taste.”

        In addition to food and drink, Dick and Michael are also impressed with the traditional culture of Nanhai, which is under well preservation and full of oriental style. Dick said, there was a canal near the headquarters of Volkswagen Group located in Wolfsburg, Germany, where he and his colleagues once had a match similar as “dragon boat race”. “It is only after I arrived at Nanhai that I get to know the real Chinese traditional dragon boat race. Lion dance accompanied with drums, heated boating on the river, beating of gongs and drums resounded to the sky. It’s so lively and exciting!”

        “Looking forward to a more perfect life supporting environment”

        In order to balance family and career, Dick and Michael come to Nanhai with their wives and children respectively. For the past two years, they have already gradually accustomed to and enjoyed the life here, and they hope the “new home” Nanhai will be better in the future.

        Dick’s wife also works in FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch, however, in order to give their daughter better education, the couples choose to be the “migratory birds” moving between Guangzhou and Foshan. Dick said, they chose to live in Guangzhou because there were international schools that carried out teaching in English. “All of the parents hope their children to have a good educational environment. Weighing and balancing again and again, we are willing to be toilsome so as to make it is more convenient for the child to go to school.”

        Michael’s family of four and Dick live in the same community. “Foreign educational resources and foreign medical facilities are relatively complete in Guangzhou. If there are international schools and international hospitals in Nanhai in the future, we are certainly willing to move back to Nanhai.”

        Although foreign living facilities in Nanhai remain to be improved, Dick and Michael are beyond all praises when mentioning government services. “Take visa for example, Civil Affairs Bureau and Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Nanhai District open up a dedicated green passage to facilitate Volkswagen’s German staff to get a visa in the shortest time. A residence permit only last for one year when we worked in Changchun before, but it can last for two years here, which helping us eliminate the need to submit all material for approval once again. It is really much more convenient.” Dick said, Nanhai government provides fast and effective services, so that the future development of FAW-Volkswagen Foshan Branch will also become more and more smooth.

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