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icon1 Preface . A Harmonious Nanhai
A Harmonious Nanhai
Video Nanhai
icon1 Ecosystem . A Green Nanhai
A Green Nanhai
Nanhai Is a Unique Tourist Attraction
A Green City
icon1 Development with Growing Impetus
Iinitiative Innovation Prepares for Outburst of Vigor
Nanhai Automobile Part Industry Is Taking Shape
The Thriving Tertiary Industry
An Intensive Layout of Industry Is like a Galaxy.
icon1 Livelihood . Happy and Healthy
Happy and Healthy
Nanhai,a Land of Affection
A Complete Security System for a Harmonious Development
A Shared Harmony and Culture
Famous Dragon Boat Race and lion Dance Add Brilliance to the Provincial Games

Preface.A Harmonious Nanhai A Survey of Nanhai

  Nanhai District of Foshan City is in the central area of the Pearl River Delta, closely connecting toGuangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has an area of 1073.82 square kilometers with 2 street administrative offices and 6 towns with its district government seated in Guicheng Street. Its population includes 1.1304 million registered population and 1.1079 million floating population. There are over 0.40 million people of Nanhai origin living in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas.

  Nanhai is advanced and harmonious in economic and social development, a "State Exemplary City in Information Industry", a "State Exemplary City in Public Health", an "Excellent Tourist City in China", a "Culturally Advanced County in China", an "All-China Exemplary City in Regional Technical Innovation" and a "Culturally Strong District in Guangdong Province". In 2006, it was ranked among the first 5 comprehensively strong counties (districts) of the country.

Celebrities of Nanhai
  Zhu Ciqi (known as Zhu Jiujiang), Kang Youwei, Zhan Tianyou, Chen Qiyuan, Zou Boqi, Huang Feihong, He Xiangning, Chen Xiangmei, Donald Tsang

Nanhai Hills and Waters
  Famous Hill -- Xiqiao Hill, a beacon for Lingnan civilization in Zhujiang reaches for its brilliant "Two-shoulder Stone Implement Culture" created and developed in the Leolithic age 6000 years ago.

  The Intercrossed Two Rivers -- Nanhai lies in the lower reaches of Xijiang and Beijiang, with crisscrossed rivers, Xijiang, Beijiang and southwestern streams, 9 in all, with an overall length of 180 kilometers and abundant water resources.